A picture of me, Brian!


At Grinnell College I worked for four years at Information Technology Service (ITS). ITS provides a wide range of services to the entire Grinnell community, and as a Student Leader, I held various responsibilities including: providing one to one technological assistance to students, faculty, staff, and visitors; leading a team of over 100 student ITS workers and working directly with the college’s administration to evolve and improve ITS on campus. I helped to radically revamp how student workers were hired, advocated for greater support and capabilities for student employees, designed a training curriculum to equip newly hired students to provide better technological support to the community, wrote instructional documents to walk employees through various protocols, taught workshops about technological changes on campus to both students and employees, and participated in the hiring committee for a administrative managerial position on campus.

I also worked at the Data Analysis and Social Inquiry Lab (DASIL) as a Student Mentor for two years. My primary responsibility was providing data and statistical assistance to Grinnell students and faculty. I tutored students on data exploration and analysis for their class homework along with their personal projects. I also assisted professors with their own research projects along with creating data related assignments for their students. Finally, I led student workshops demonstrating various statistical softwares and methodologies.

Utilizing my extensive experience in high school supporting youth and young adults with mental health crises, I had the privilege of serving for three years as a student representative on the Mental Health Task Force created by President Kington to improve the college's ability to provide mental health support for its students. I worked alongside my peers, faculty, staff, and members of the administration to better understand Grinnell College’s challenges given its rural location and debate potential solutions. After the task force concluded and presented its results to the President, I then worked on a committee to hire a mental health professional to fill a new position recommended by the task force.